What do I need to do?

Make contact, obviously, give us a call - 01494 776915 or 07778 706179 - or send us an email - ian@shardeloesevents.co.uk. Give us some idea of your plans i.e. type of event, number of guests, do you need a marquee etc etc and we will get back to you with some idea of cost. The final cost will depend on the detail but usually we find the our clients like to have a feel for a ball-park price at the the first enquiry. The price range is quite considerable because clearly a small buffet for 50 in the pavilion will cost a lot less than a wedding for 200 people in a marquee!

What do I need to consider?

We use the beautiful grounds of Amersham Cricket Club at Shardeloes near Old Amersham and the cricket club will require a rent. The amount varies starting with a simple pavilion hire increasing if you need to erect a marquee. Also, because of the licence, all alcoholic and liquid refreshment must come through the cricket club. That said, the prices are very reasonable!

How can we help?

We can organise everything for you and take all pressure off or there is a half way stage where we do some and you do some - whatever suits the client is best for us. There is a modest charge for our services but it does mean you don't have to worry at all about anything and you simply enjoy the event.


"Ian's assistance throughout the whole process of organising our wedding reception was superb. On the day itself, his team and himself operated without a hitch and I'd be happy to use his services again and recommend to my friends" 

Ashley Thornley-Davies

"......we had a great party and thanks for all your help."

"Great venue, it is just the right size and the location is such that you do not have to worry about any noise.  The staff were great and very helpful.  The grounds surrounding the venue are lovely.  Would highly recommend this as a venue for a party for any occasion and age."

Tracey Turtullien